The Wicklow Way begins in Marlay Park, Dublin and travels south-west across the Dublin and Wicklow uplands, then through the rolling hill country of Wicklow to finish in the small County Carlow village of Clonegal 127 kilometres later.

A combination of suburban parkland, forest trails, wild and scenic mountain landscape and finally rolling countryside offers a wonderfully varied, 4, 3 or 2 day experience for a hill-walker of average fitness. En route the Wicklow Way passes mountain lakes, long-deserted homesteads, memorials to historic events of past centuries and extensive remains of the early Christian monastic settlement in the beautiful Glendalough valley.

Self-Guided Walks

We offer the following main self-guided tours but a variety of customized tours are available at your request:

  • 4 Day/3 nights Self-Guided Walk
  • 3 Day/2 nights Self-Guided Walk
  • 2 Day/1 night Self-Guided Walk

Accommodation and food

Accommodation at the Wilderness Lodge is included. Breakfast and dinner are available in the Glenmalure Lodge just a few steps up the road. You can organise a packed lunch to suit your own dietary requirements and preferences with ingredients from the local shop. The team at the Wilderness Lodge can organize transport to the start of each days walk and back to Glenmalure in the evening for you.


Ireland enjoys a temperate climate and our weather is affected on a daily basis as much by the speed and direction of the wind as by the season of the year. This means that we don’t experience extremes of temperature but the weather can be quite changeable from day to day and on occasion this may lead to some alterations to planned routes.


We carry an appropriate level of public liability insurance to cover our activities and all walkers are advised to review their personal accident insurance before they set out walking.  To ensure your enjoyment and safety we apply minimum and maximum group numbers on all of our activities.

Our Guides

Our guides are available if required. They are all qualified Mountain Leaders, with current First Aid certification and a good knowledge of the Leave No Trace principles. They will look after your safety, point out items of interest and any hazards, advise you about gear and food and generally ensure you get the most from this wonderful walking experience.

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